3D printing has changed our entire engineering landscape. It allows us to create prototypes that would otherwise would have been financially restrictive. The more prototypes that are made, the more you learn how to improve your product. 3D printing enables us to provide products to our customers that perform to a higher standard. The knowledge and experience that Advanced RP shared with us helped to select the most appropriate printing technology to serve a broad range of applications for us. We are very happy with our purchase and highly recommend other companies seriously consider the investment. Advanced RP has gone above and beyond to ensure all our requests for information and support are taken care of quick
Joel Saine, Nordson Corporation

The team seems to be genuinely concerned about getting us the right technology for our needs, at a fair price. I can’t thank you enough for your time and energy, from your visits to Savannah to your above-and-beyond efforts to assist us with cost justification.
Jason Bateham, Gulfstream

I am very happy, because we get quick responses to our questions.
Tony Melton, Austin Hardware

A 10 out of a 10! No high pressure sales calls or visits, great tech support. Advanced RP is a really wonderful company to work with! Their knowledge, personal attention and service really add to the fact that they are just good people to partner with.
Stephen Kocis, Silgan Plastics

AdvancedRP’s service has been outstanding. They are easy to contact and work with.
Peter Gilbane, Robins AFB

Advanced RP has exceeded our expectation during our market research, procurement, installation and support.
Damon Brown, Robins AFB

Response and support are both excellent. Sales (Carmel) is very good. He is genuine and relational. I appreciate his honest, how can we help you, attitude. He represents AdvancedRP well. Kudos to the entire team! Terrific, supreme customer focus, and a great product.
David Perron, ConMed

The Advanced RP team has been a huge help to us and continue to support us whenever needed. … Honestly where we use it the most has been with jigs for our CMM. This has been the best unexpected benefit from having this in house.
Bryce Keilman, ALPLA

Thanks to all the guys at AdvancedRP. They have been there for our company.
Mark Brooks, Mahle

I highly recommend any organization, company, or individual to first contact the Atlanta Advanced RP team if they are looking at acquiring a 3D printer. I’m extremely pleased with the responsiveness and service from the Advanced RP team as a result of all my interactions with Advanced RP. I highly recommend this (3D Printing) as an in-house, must have technology for product and process design and development teams.

— Denis Burek, OFS Fitel LLC

The staff at Advanced RP is made up of down-to-earth, prompt, and intelligent people. Working with them has been an absolute pleasure. They definitely put their customers first and do whatever it takes to keep them up and running. The machines are very stable and don’t require much overseeing or maintenance. The few times we’ve had to work on the machine Advanced RP stayed on the phone with me until the machine was fixed.
— William West, Roper Pump

The Advanced RP team has been exceptional in every way. Very impressed with the service I’ve received.
Don Bland, Bland Engineering