Advanced RP Partners with Desktop Metal to Offer Metal 3D Printing Capability

Can your company 3D print in metal?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked at every marketing event and trade show.  I’ve always had to reply “unfortunately not at this time, but we’re hoping to offer that one day”.  I’m excited to announce that day has finally come! Advanced RP is partnering with Desktop Metal to offer their revolutionary metal 3D printing technology.

Most high-quality metal 3D printers cost $500,000 and up to get started.  Desktop Metal’s Studio 3D printer is breaking down barriers for so many companies by offering a professional metal 3D printer for $120,000.

Studio 3D Printer (*available fall 2017)
desktop metal 3d printer

– Simple installation
– Easy to use
– Office friendly

Studio 3D Printer Pricing
Studio 3D Printer Spec Sheet

Production 3D Printer (*available in 2018)

– Designed for mass production
– Competitive cost-per-part
– 100x faster than laser-based

We will be hosting an Open House for you to come and interact with the Studio system once we receive one in our Atlanta area 3D printer demo center.  Be on the lookout for this event in order to reserve your spot.  If you’re interested in learning more about Desktop Metal, please contact our team.