Eden 260VS

The new Objet Eden260VS offers unprecedented return on investment for a wide range of professional rapid prototyping applications. And now for the first time on a PolyJet system Soluble Supports are offered. With a choice of 18 materials, the Objet Eden 260VS prints ultra-fine 16 micron layers for exceptional detail, complex geometries and very thin walls. When printing with Vero materials you can choose the Soluble Support for hands free cleaning of your part. Whether there are a lot of intricate surfaces to your part or very fine details, the Soluble Support removal is quick and easy, taking up less of your precious time.

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Available Materials 

  • Vero-Clear (transparent rigid)
  • Vero-White-Plus (rigid opaque)
  • Vero-Blue (rigid opaque)
  • Vero-Black (rigid opaque)
  • Vero-Gray (rigid opaque)
  • Durus-White (polypropylene-like)
  • High Temperature (RGD525)
  • Rigur (was Endur)
  • Transparent Amber (FullCure RGD720)
  • TangoGray (rubber-like FLX950)
  • TangoBlack (rubber-like FLX973)
  • TangoPlus Amber (rubber-like FLX930)
  • TantoBlackPlus (rubber-like advanced FLX980)
  • Soluble Support

Layer Thickness

  • 30µ (microns) (0.0011 in.)
  • 16µ (microns) (0.0006 in.) – rigid materials only.

Max Part Size

10.0 x 9.9 x 7.9 in

System Size and Weight

  • 34.25 x 28.9 x 47.25 in
  • 902 lbs