Connex 500

The Connex 3 family has the ability to not only digitally blend three different materials onto one single part, but it can also apply up to 45 different color and material blends of both rigid and flexible materials. Allowing you to get even closer to truly representing your final product. Its high-speed printing can get you multiple parts faster and with less effort than ever before. Also, you are not restricted to have this ability only on the large scale printers. There are three system sizes to choose from, giving you the size you need with the abilities you want.

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Available Materials 

  • Vero-Cyan (rigid opaque color)
  • Vero-Magenta (rigid opaque color)
  • Vero-Yellow (rigid opaque color)
  • Vero-Clear (transparent rigid)
  • Vero-White-Plus (rigid opaque)
  • Vero-Blue (rigid opaque)
  • Vero-Black (rigid opaque)
  • Vero-Gray (rigid opaque)
  • Durus-White (polypropylene-like)
  • High Temperature (RGD525)
  • Rigur (was Endur)
  • Transparent Amber (FullCure RGD720)
  • TangoGray (rubber-like FLX950)
  • TangoBlack (rubber-like FLX973)
  • TangoPlus Amber (rubber-like FLX930)
  • TantoBlackPlus (rubber-like advanced FLX980)

Layer Thickness

  • 30µ (microns) (0.0011 in.)
  • 16µ (microns) (0.0006 in.) – rigid materials only.

Max Part Size

19.3 x 15.35 x 7.9 in

System Size and Weight

  • 55.9 x 44.1 x 44.5 in
  • 1102 lbs