3D Printer Support

Printer Not Working Right?

Please call 770-271-5800 or email a description of the problem. Pictures and the Service LogsĀ can be helpful too. Please click on your printer type to see how to export the Service Log for your printer.


Objet PolyJet

Maintenance Contracts

A Maintenance Contract includes all phone support, diagnosis, repair parts, onsite visit and labor costs, and technician expenses for a full year. Only consumable parts are not covered, items such as tips and materials. If you receive materials that are faulty they may be replaced, contact us for details.

To get a maintenance contract quote please contact us.

Time and Materials Repairs

Onsite visit cost is $500.00 per day, plus expenses. Expenses include travel, food, and hotel cost if needed. Due to the fluctuating cost of the repair parts an individual quote must be generated each time. Because of this it is possible to pay the cost of a contract or more in one maintenance visit, and why contracts are recommended. Also, the process of diagnosing problems, quoting, ordering and shipping parts, may take several days longer because of quoting and approval times.

Phone help and over the phone diagnosis has no charge.

Downtime Support

To better support our customers we also offer Downtime Support. This is a service we provide to customers that buy all of their consumable materials from us. If you are a consumable materials customer and your printer stops working and requires a service visit then we will print your urgent parts until your printer is back in service (for only the cost of materials, and shipping). This is a unique service we offer to our customers to help them get through unexpected problems with a minimum amount of disruption.

Due to our reseller agreement with Stratasys, we can only service 3D Printers who are our customers.