FDM Maintenance

Common FDM Service Issues

Advanced RP provides service on all of the Stratasys 3D Printers, except for the large Fortus systems. If you Have a large Fortus system (not the 250mc) and need technical support please contact Stratasys directly at: 800-801-6491, option 2, option 1. You will need your Printer Serial Number to give them and they will assist you in resolving the issue. For all other FDM 3D Printers please feel free to email or call us (770-271-5800) and we will resolve the issue for you as quickly as we can.

How to export the CFG Service Log File.

The Configuration File has information on how the system is functioning that will help us to diagnose the issue and get it repaired for you. Follow the instructions below to get this file for us.

  1. To get a configuration file from the 3D Printer you need to have the system powered on and connected to your network or computer.
  2. Open your CatalystEX, or Control Center and click on the Printer Services tab.export 3d printer service log file
  3. Then click on the Export Configuration button.
  4. This will open a Save window. Save this file to your computer’s Desktop, or another convenient location.
  5. Lastly open your email and attach the .cfg file you just exported and email it to us along with any helpful pictures and a description of the problem.